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 This blog is all about Australia and all the things that make it great. From the world-famous Sydney Opera House to the iconic gum trees to the many marsupials that roam its vast landscape, we'll be exploring what makes this amazing country great!

Australia. We were intrigued by this country from afar and knew we had to explore it in person. What makes this country so special? We have a few thoughts. But first, let's get to know Australia a little better.

Australia is full of surprises and adventure, but there's one thing that makes it the best place to live: our people. Our amazing community of locals and ex-pats is what makes Australia a place of endless possibilities.

Hi, we're All New in Australia and we're an online platform that's here to help you experience all the amazing things this country has to offer. From choosing your favorite neighborhood to finding the right job for you, we'll guide you through Australia’s major cities and towns with fresh, new ideas. Our blog features the top things to do in each location, so you can pack your bags and jump on a plane without wasting any time! We also have a section dedicated to places where you can buy everything from furniture and home decor to clothes and beauty products.

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