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5 Marketing Tips for When You Think You're Too Busy

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5 Marketing Tips for When You Think You're Too BusyMarketing include branding, services, promotions, goods, pricing, print, blogging, advertising, research, and social media. With so many marketing options available, it may be difficult for small companies to know where to start. Marketing is a coordinated effort to market your brand across several media channels in the hope that enough reaches your customer. Customers need to hear your message many times before they believe it. As a result, brand, brand, brand! Here are a few simple steps you may do to promote your small business: 

When You Think You're Too Busy to Market, Here Are 5 Tips

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What if you took the time to build a marketing plan, but you're currently so busy servicing your current clients that you're having trouble staying on track with it? Is it alright to put the plan on hold for a while?

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What if you took the time to build a marketing plan, but you're currently so busy servicing your current clients that you're having trouble staying on track with it?

Is it alright to put the plan on hold for a while? After all, you've got enough work to keep you occupied. And you're not sure you could manage any more clients right now.

While marketing may not appear to be a vital activity while your firm is booming, it's only a matter of time before your lack of marketing begins to hurt your bottom line.

Even if you're pressed for time, sticking to your marketing strategy ensures that you'll always have a pipeline full of prospects and customers flowing into your organization.

 While you may be quite busy right now, if you stop marketing for the following three months, you may find yourself without customers since the flow has been disrupted.

As a freelance professional, I completely understand being too busy to promote. It seemed like the days are never long enough to complete everything on my must-do list. But, as a marketing expert, I know I can't afford to sell.

So, what's a busy lady (or man) to do?!?

Here are five ideas... these are things I do and propose to all of my clients in my 10-step marketing system.

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(1) Create a marketing calendar if you haven't previously. Schedule all of your marketing activities on the calendar based on how frequently they were expected to be done in your marketing strategy.

If you want to accomplish something on a monthly basis, mark it on the calendar once a month. Weekly? It must be entered four times every month. Carry out this procedure for each planned activity.

(2) Display your marketing calendar on a bulletin board or on the wall above your desk. Make it a point to check it first thing in the morning. This way, you won't have the issue of "out of sight, out of mind."

I can't tell you how many clients' marketing strategies I've had that ended up in a file folder in a drawer. You're not going to develop your company that way!

(3) Include marketing duties on your weekly and daily to-do lists. Enter the events as to-do items in your calendar or PDA, exactly like all of your appointments and other business tasks.

This is something I do in all of my marketing efforts. To be organized, I use Microsoft Outlook and a Pocket PC, and it's the only way I know I'll stay on track. If I have a meeting or an appointment in my calendar, I treat it as if it were any other meeting or appointment, and I attend to it.

Every Wednesday, for example, a little message appears to remind me to write my weekly ezine. If it didn't happen, I'd be writing it on Mondays at midnight, or it wouldn't be done at all.

Fourth, set aside one day each month to properly review your marketing schedule and plan for the next three months. What is on the horizon for which you must make preparations right now? What should you include to your to-do list or personal digital assistant to guarantee you don't forget?

I normally do this towards the end of the month, when I'm finishing up all of my month-end tasks, such as running sales reports, billing, and updating my marketing tracking reports.

Make it a habit to examine your marketing while performing these chores. After a few months, you won't even have to think about it; it'll become second nature.

(5) Consider employing a personal assistant or a support person to assist you. If they can remove some of the duties off your plate that don't actually require your skill, you'll have more time to focus on what I term "income-producing activities."

These include things like collaborating with clients, developing products and services, and marketing. I couldn't believe how much of a difference it made when I hired some assistance.

I didn't believe I could afford it, but now I'm not sure how I survived so long without assistance!

When you discover a strategy to get your marketing back on track and execute it on a regular basis, it truly becomes a part of the way you conduct business.

Suddenly, it no longer appears to be marketing. It's just what you do to operate your company. That's when it starts to seem natural.

And that's when you know your company will be busy and lucrative in the long run.

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