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BTC has dropped to a six-month low of $38,000 as a result of the cryptocurrency selloff.

An Introduction To The Concept Of Bitcoin: Everything You Need To Know.

what BTC means

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency. 

Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency that uses cryptography to secure transactions and control the creation of new units.

 Bitcoin was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto (an alias) and first released as open-source software in 2009, with the release of the whitepaper "Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System".

what is BTC and how does it work

A Simple Explanation Of What A Bitcoin Is And Why You Should Invest In It.

How does Bitcoin work?


Bitcoin has dropped to a six-month low of $38,000 as a result of the cryptocurrency selloff.

Bitcoin is an online financial network that people use to send payments from one person to another without using traditional

Bitcoin fell below $38,000 in a protracted selloff for cryptocurrencies, reaching its lowest level in six months.

6 Signs Bitcoin Is Going To Change The World As We Know It.

On Friday, the biggest token fell as high as 8.7 percent, capping a three-day decline. 

Other cryptocurrencies were equally down as investors exited riskier bets during a turbulent week for global markets.

 Ether went below $3,000, losing up to 11%, while Solana, Cardano, and Binance Coin also declined.

Bitcoin has had a tough start to the year, with values down approximately 40% from their peak in early November. 

Digital assets have suffered notably in recent days as a result of a larger tech selloff, mounting regulatory risks, and fears about US monetary policy tightening.

A Simple Guide To The Most Important Things You Need To Know About Bitcoins.

This week, regulators in the United Kingdom, Spain, and Singapore recommended toughening laws on crypto-asset promotion to novice investors, while the Russian central bank proposed a complete ban on cryptocurrency on Thursday.

"Rumors of Russian mining restrictions, the implications of tapering programs, and ongoing regulatory worries in specific countries are presently holding more weight than the underlying long-term fundamentals," said Jason Deane, an analyst with digital asset research firm Quantum Economics.

"At the same time, greater use and adoption of Bitcoin in high-inflation nations generates a muddled market picture, leading to a lack of definite direction and momentum in either direction," he added.

How To Use Bitcoin: Everything You Need To Know About The Cryptocurrency.

Deane forecast "choppy, directionless trade" in the immediate term, with more weakening possible.

A technical pattern based on a momentum indicator known as the weekly relative strength index suggested that Bitcoin's downturn might be poised for a break. On Friday, the indicator slipped into an area that has previously followed Bitcoin selloff floors.

In a letter, Fundstrat Digital Asset Research strategists Sean Farrell and Will McEvoy said, "Bitcoin and the larger crypto market remain exposed to the vagaries of macro forces."

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