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Comparison of the Best UK Web Hosting Companies 2022

hosting services in the UK

which web hosting is best for the UK

As you may have guessed, we simply evaluate the finest UK web hosting businesses, utilizing WordPress test sites to provide us with data that allows us to provide you with REAL insights into which web host is best.

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Server response times, uptime statistics, and customer server reply times are examples of these. Isn't it obvious?

hosting provider

In addition to all of this, we have hundreds of independent customer reviews (almost 1400 to be exact!). We investigated, tested, reviewed, and ranked the top hosting alternatives available (within the UK).

best UK web hosting services


1. Hostinger UK: Best Overall Web Host (99p/Month) + 99.9% Uptime Guarantee (100 percent in the previous month)

Select from seven different server locations (including a UK-based one).

Extremely fast server response times in the United Kingdom

It includes a free SSL certificate.

+ 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Customer assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week (great live chat response rates).

It's excellent value for money (the cheapest web server we've ever tried)


Hostinger Drawbacks

what is the average cost of hosting a website UK


-The most basic package does not provide a free domain name.

If you want to host a tiny website or blog but don't want to spend a fortune, you can get a plan for as little as 99p a month (yep, it's that cheap). While the price may be appealing to some, it may also be off-putting, earning it the moniker "cheap web host."


However, after my investigation and testing, I discovered that Hostinger was dependable and speedy.

Hostinger is an excellent all-arounder. Their control panel (CPanel) is a reskin of the famous cPanel, but it is designed to be as easy as possible for novice users. Everything you could possibly need is at your fingertips, from email accounts to MySQL databases, and it's really simple to use.

In addition to providing excellent services for less than £1, Hostinger readily exposes their performance and uptime information. You may check any scheduled maintenance, problems that are being examined, and the general uptime status of Hostinger's servers.

provider of web hosting services

Their reaction speeds are well within the norm, and in my testing, they consistently outperformed them. With Hostinger, you'll not only receive cheap hosting, but you'll also get a high-performance server in numerous locations across the globe.

It's easy to believe that the cheapest option is never the best one, but this is not the case with Hostinger. It is one of my favorite hosting companies because of the mix of excellent customer service, lightning-fast loading speeds, and features.


how much does a hosting service cost

2. SiteGround UK: Outstanding Customer Service (£2.99/Month)

Siteground Advantages

I've never had such good service) + Server locations in the UK, Asia, the Netherlands, Singapore, and the United States + SiteGround's unique and homegrown SuperCacher + Free SSL certificate for your website + Free Site Transfer (they'll do the entire transfer from your previous host) + 30-day money-back guarantee

Siteground's disadvantages:

more costly than other types of web hosting web hosting

Go to

Check out Siteground Review.

I've always gushed about SiteGround since I began using them in 2014; they've blown the competition out of the water since then (just look at their growth). SiteGround is often recommended by other businesses, including prominent CMS systems such as, Joomla, and Drupal.

For the previous two years, our community has rated SiteGround highly, as have several Facebook groups. But why do they get such positive feedback? To begin with, they invest time in building in-house technologies that have been proven to speed up your website. SiteGround's hosting plans have just been updated, and all customers now have access to Supercacher, which improves the speed of your website.

My SiteGround-hosted website has consistently maintained 100 percent uptime, as evidenced by my review.SiteGround will reward you if you are prepared to spend a bit more on your hosting service. They are dependable, safe, and unquestionably among the fastest web hosting services on the market.

When compared to other web hosting services, it is by far the quickest.

Canada hosting services


3. iPage: Best Cheap Web Hosting (£1.50/Month)Page Advantages:

Unlimited storage and bandwidth + Free domain name included + Over £100 in bonuses for just £1.50 per month + 99.97% average uptime on my test website +Support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and there are lots of options to choose from.

iPage's disadvantages:

Insufficient performance for an eCommerce site—iPage uses Vdeck rather than cPanel.

With iPage, you get a lot more for your money than you would expect. This low-cost web server provides exceptional functionality for just £1.50 per month. Not bad, eh? For me, iPage is not only a dependable and economical web host but also a responsive, user-friendly tool that allows its clients to put together the whole package.

For individuals or small companies that are overwhelmed by the variety of hosting alternatives available, iPage makes things quite easy. They give one shared hosting package with almost limitless services like storage space, bandwidth, and email.

Instead of stumbling around for the proper package for your website, you can have it all from iPage for only £1.50 per month. While they don't promote an uptime guarantee, we've found them to be quite dependable. In fact, I've never seen my website's uptime dip below 100% with iPage, making it a competitor to Hostinger and SiteGround.

While iPage's shared hosting plan isn't suitable for every website, it's a great option for personal websites, portfolios, blogs, and small company websites. There are all the tools you need, including a free website builder, a free SSL certificate, and a free domain name.


4. BlueHost: Best WordPress Hosting (£2.30/Month) + Exceeds performance expectations (100% uptime over a 30-day period) +Unlimited bandwidth + a free domain name (a nice touch) + no hidden fees+ Simple user interface and control panel + Quick live chat responses + Free SSL Certificate included

Bluehost's disadvantages:

-Their terms and conditions restrict them to "unlimited".

There's no denying BlueHost's expertise in the UK web hosting business. They were founded in 1996 and now host millions of websites throughout the globe.

If you're thinking about or currently hosting a WordPress site, BlueHost can provide a wonderful balance of pricing and performance (including speed and reliability). If you want help, their customer service is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Bluehost, like SiteGround, is an official WordPress recommendation. This indicates that Bluehost satisfies tough WordPress hosting criteria in order to provide the finest WordPress hosting in the UK.

Bluehost is well-known for its shared hosting services, but it also has a slew of additional tricks up its sleeve. For starters, if you have a WordPress website, their managed WordPress options are well worth investigating. Important chores like core upgrades, plugin updates, and so on are handled by WordPress specialists, allowing you to concentrate on what is really important.

Bluehost also offers outstanding VPS and dedicated hosting services. They are accommodating in terms of how long you want your hosting contract to last and provide a free domain name when you sign up.


5. HostGator: The Best Web Hosting for Beginners (£2.00/Month)

HostGator's Advantages:

My tests show that they have a 99.99 percent uptime record over 30 days (they promise 99.9 percent uptime). + Support is available at all times (24/7/365).

Plus, technical expertise is evident when speaking with advisors. Satisfaction or your money back! (45-day money-back guarantee + free SSL certificate)

HostGator's disadvantages:

Customer service isn't as quick as it is with other web servers. It's not as inexpensive as its rivals.

For many years, HostGator has been a reliable presence in the web hosting industry. As you can see from my reviews, HostGator provides excellent speed and dependability results at a fraction of the cost of competitors.

In terms of web hosting, if you want a cheap price plan with eCommerce functionality, HostGator can provide it without a hitch. They've utilized their decade of expertise across the board to appeal to a diverse range of markets.

One of the things that HostGator excels at is catering to newbies. Their platform is user-friendly, straightforward, and simple to grasp. No, they're not as strong as SiteGround, but they're a great option for individuals or small companies looking for a low-cost hosting service with a few frills.

HostGator provides more than just web hosting; they also sell domains, SSL certificates, and website builders. If you're like me and want to have all of your eggs in one basket rather than have services strewn everywhere, HostGator makes it simple to do so.


6. GoDaddy: Best Small Business Web Host (£2.99/Month)

GoDaddy Advantages:

My test website had an average uptime of 99.97%. + 45-day money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied. Even on their smallest package (100GB! ), you get unlimited bandwidth and plenty of storage.

High-security measures, including 24/7 monitoring and DDoS protection, A pleasant client experience, and simple interaction. There are plans available for both Windows and Linux users.

GoDaddy's disadvantages:

-Live chat is solely for sales (not customer assistance). Keep an eye out for price increases during renewal.

If you're not sure where, to begin with, your web hosting adventure, GoDaddy is a terrific place to start. They provide a lot of features to get started with, are backed up by good performance data, and aren't too expensive!

I'd certainly suggest them to anybody starting out or running a small company seeking to establish a name for themselves. They make site hosting seem simple and provide an outstanding user experience.

Although GoDaddy is unlikely to provide exceptional performance or high-traffic websites, they do provide a multitude of tools and enough servers to get your website experience off to a good start.

GoDaddy, a domain name registrar, domain names for as little as 1p for the first year! All of their hosting plans come with a free domain name and unlimited bandwidth, so you won't have to worry about unexpected traffic surges.

Customers of GoDaddy hosting will be able to use their easy cPanel interface, over 150 free 1-click install applications, numerous data centers, and on-demand resources.


7. GreenGeeks: Best Green Web Hosting (£3/Month)

GreenGeeks Expert

Eco-friendly web hosting powered by renewable energy + ten years of hosting experience + no hidden fees + 99.9% uptime guarantee +Every hosting package includes a free SSL certificate. Domain registration is completely free.

GreenGeeks Drawbacks

Poor customer service skills. Limited currency possibilities

Greengeeks UK provides web hosting.

If you're concerned about your carbon impact, GreenGeeks is your go-to eco-friendly web host. This web host, like SiteGround, offers a number of data center locations from which to pick. This enables you to choose the location that is nearest to where the bulk of your website users are coming from, providing them with a quicker and better user experience.

Green energy isn't the only thing GreenGeeks is recognized for, with a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee. GreenGeeks, which has been in the hosting sector for over a decade, is slowly ascending the popularity ladder, hosting numerous websites all over the globe.

Everything is simple when it comes to GreenGeeks. There are no hidden costs; you'll get a free domain and SSL with each hosting package, and you'll feel better overall for selecting a green web host.

GreenGeeks aren't for everyone, but they do achieve a good mix of features and price. They're an excellent option if you're just getting your feet wet in the eCommerce sector and don't want to pay through the nose.


8-FatCow: The Best Small Site Hosting (£3.00/Month)

FatCow Advantages

MySQL databases without limits + Unlimited storage and bandwidth + Renewable energy sources +Upon signup, you will receive a free domain transfer as well as marketing credits.

FatCow Drawbacks

Pricing in the middle — Customer service based in the United States

web hosting the fatcow  UK

FatCow, another eco-conscious rival, has been operating for 20 years and has a more fun attitude. For many years, FatCow was stuck in the 1990s, but they have recently upgraded its payment methods and features to bring them up to date.

FatCow (for me) is a solid challenger in the limitless hosting arena, starting at £3 per month. If you're searching for a simple but efficient way to boost your web visibility, I strongly suggest this host.

FatCow is a good value for money since it has a good mix of beginner and intermediate features. In fact, they have consistently provided a consistent uptime of 99.99 percent over the previous 6 months, making them an excellent option if you want your website to be dependable.

FatCow's customer service, on the other hand, is mostly focused on the United States. Although you may reach them at various times throughout the day in the UK, depending on the time difference, you may not be able to speak with someone right away. FatCow is a good choice for small websites, blogs, and personal websites.


9- JustHost: The Best Web Host in the UK for Blogging (£3/Month)

JustHost Advantages

+ Unlimited storage + Free website builder + Simple interface + eCommerce software like Cube Cart, Agora, and Zen Cart + Pleasant support personnel

JustHost Drawbacks

There is no uptime or service assurance, and the performance characteristics are subpar.

The justHost UK provides web hosting.

If you don't care about a nice-looking website or fancy features, JustHost offers reliable hosting and customer support in a straightforward way. Although they aren't my first pick, I can absolutely suggest JustHost if you're looking for low-cost hosting without the frills.

Beginners may view this as an excellent chance to quickly climb the hosting ladder. While JustHost may not have the highest performance of our top ten web providers, they are far from a bad pick.

One of the gold star elements that piques my interest is the user-friendly UI. You'll also get access to a free website builder, which will come in handy if you're a total rookie. If you wish to sell a few things online, there is plenty of e-commerce software available.

JustHost is a good and trustworthy alternative for clients searching for a host that can deliver a free website builder for a fraction of the cost of some of its rivals.


10. ResellerUK Web Host (£2.66/Month) by Heart Internet UK

Pros of the Internet

+ Datacenter in the United Kingdom (ideal for clients based in the United Kingdom) + Support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week + Simple management panelEvery WordPress installation includes the free Jetpack plugin, too. Website surveillance

Heart Internet Consequences

a one-time setup cost for their basic package.

High-priced hosting plans

A scarcity of characteristics

 Heart Internet is an award-winning UK web hosting provider that offers great performance and value for money. Unfortunately, I was unable to partake in such promises, but there must be some truth to their claims.

As far as web providers go, Heart Internet has a highly user-friendly interface that gives both novices and specialists a good place to manage their accounts. However, it is not the finest web host we've ever tested.


In terms of value for money, we found the features to be slightly underwhelming when compared to major competitors like SiteGround, Hostinger, and Bluehost. Heart Internet's hosting options were far more costly than their competitors and provided significantly less.

However, finding a dependable UK web host with a dedicated UK data center might be tough, which is why Heart Internet has earned a position on our list. Heart Internet is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions you may have about your UK-based website.

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