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How to market your business using social media for free in 2022

Best Marketing Strategies 2022

Marketing your business in 2022 is a lot different than what it was 20 years ago. In this article, we will be discussing the strategies that work now to help you see success and not struggle for relevance and growth.

How to market your business using social media for free in 2022

Marketing your business in 2022 is becoming more and more important.

 We want to tailor our products or services to fit the needs of each customer, which is why good social media marketing will be instrumental.

The marketing strategies of the last two years have become very popular among every entrepreneur recently ,and if we have learned anything from the past two years,

 it is that a strong online marketing strategy is the key to maintaining the success of your business, and it is also important if you are starting a new business from scratch So in this article, we'll share with you some of the most effective strategies right now to market business like a pro so you can see those real results in 2022 and beyond, so I honestly haven't seen a year with more changes to the way we need to publish information about our business of course what We're still dealing with the pandemic and we've had another big change in 2021, with Apple's privacy update making it more difficult to run profitable Facebook and Instagram ads but many things still work. The things we used to see back when things were so much more normal let's get right into it First we have to talk about Facebook and Instagram ads what's going on With them now and how you can get around this update and be successful Most of the time other companies fail completely at the moment so in case you didn't know about the privacy update I'm going to give you the really short version so basically Facebook used to be able to track what all the users did online largely thanks to many website owners who have installed a Facebook pixel on their website so you know if you think that's a good thing or you won't get in that day but it gave facebook all the raw data, who they needed to be are only able to show your ads to people they know will likely want to keep up with your offers and the other thing facebook can do is find out who clicked your ad and who bought you your website bought your product or made an appointment or signed up for your email list and find out Whoever took the action helped them improve who they're going to show your ads to in the future so you can see better and better performance over time but now Apple has at least stopped all this tracking of any Phishing is happening on iPhones so far.

How to use social media for business

Facebook doesn't know what's going on off Facebook which makes it hard for them to know who's going to show them your ads, I know that's been a lot but we know they can't necessarily see what's happening outside of facebook anymore but guess what they can see everything that's happening on Facebook or Instagram, so in 2022 we just need to get smarter and play with that change and do more on Facebook and I have some very specific tactics here, first of all we're seeing amazing results now with the return of the leading Facebook ads before all this happened if you You want to run an ad for your lead magnet so you can build your email list or you know getting someone on a free site in a consultation you usually run a typical conversion ad so people see your ad some of them click on that and are taken to the website your where they can know they sign up for it and like you said Facebook will see that conversion and help them improve who will see the ad next but without that being able to see and record that conversion on your website we need to take a sneaky tactic Spoil it now and get the same signup on Facebook itself so the lead ad looks exactly like any conversion in it.

How to market your business 2022

First and then when someone clicks on it there is nowhere to change properly they will not be taken to your website but instead, a form opens directly on Facebook and this forum is usually pre-populated with whatever information you want to ask, all They have to confirm and click Submit and Facebook can log that conversion which means they can still improve your targeting and that you've achieved the same goal, and since this is all happening right on Facebook, you have the added benefit of usually cheaper advertising costs Because you don't take people away from the platform that Facebook wants from you. Keep it there Facebook Yes people like to stay as long as possible until they charge you more.

How to market your business without money

If you're taking people elsewhere, now let's talk about retargeting effective audiences with Facebook ads, it's always smart to show your ads to people who already know a little about you and your business, so these are effective audiences and they always go to be more valuable to you as a business Than anyone who has never heard of you because they are likely to take a much bigger action and you should definitely retarget your website traffic or people who visited your homepage your sales pages or even your blog but we know that fewer of those people are being signed up by Facebook now, so we need to supplement this retargeting with the warm audiences you build directly on Facebook

How to market your business using social media

The two preferred ways to do this are:

  • Retarget video views
  • So does anyone who shares your work on Facebook

 So let's talk about video views first properly, the very powerful thing you can do is make a video or two that really gives value, and I'm talking about giving a quick tip or tip or even inspiring people just to see what's possible and of course that should overlap a lot With what you offer and charge for, so if you're a vet you can share your top three picks for health, dog food, for example, you're just creating a custom audience for anyone who watches more than you know three or ten seconds of that video, And the other type of audience you can retarget is anyone who engages your account with your Facebook or Instagram profile in any way, you can just run an ad or two for a few dollars a day which gives value again, so this video can be a stand On photos, whatever you think will resonate better, you can simply run it as an attraction ad.

How do you advertise your business?

So this should motivate a lot of comments, likes, and shares and that's smart for several reasons, first of all, you have to retarget all those participants with more ads, and secondly, Facebook tends to reward accounts with a lot of interaction and data to work with and when I say Bonus, I mean lower advertising costs for all of your ads that focus on the most expensive conversion, so I encourage you to start running some really basic attraction ads as soon as possible so that when you're ready to run those ads that are going to sell something, it can be to your ad accounts Lots of action and participation in it which helps.

Every ad you run after that is more successful and profitable, well, now let's move on to our next marketing tip, so now video is non-negotiable, and there's probably no better indication of this than an Instagram manager showing up and saying they're no longer a photo-sharing app, but rather they're sharing Video, and by that, I really mean they're trying to beat the tick-tock at their own game, so I've been talking about a video like a trend may be for five years now but we've also now reached a tipping point I think where the video is no longer just a trend, it's not good to be You now have just a baseline to compete online these days and take it.

Marketing through live video broadcasts

Just shouting someone's name in real-time will make them feel more personally connected to you in your work than just watching several passively recorded videos in a row not to mention people usually watching a live video four times the length of a pre-recorded video and interacting with it five Fold that when we talk about this from a marketing perspective, it's kind of the ultimate shortcut to getting a lot of attention working and elephant in the room, the time when you might be really scared to go live, I know I was the first time to do that, and honestly, you know I was nervous A little bit every time I hit that button after that, but it got easier and I started looking forward to this interaction between me and my audience, and a real plus on the live side of the video is that there's almost no expectation of high-value production meaning you can get away with recording it On your phone without a great mic and yet completely off the cuff you just know.

Interact with your audience and answer their questions, because that's life, there's no post-production or editing right, you just have to do it in real time and you're free to do it and then move on with your day afterwards unlike what you know video will require about 10 hours of post-production and editing and all that kind of stuff so you can definitely live with pretty much live shortcuts and every social platform has live video built in as a feature now, so think of a topic you want to talk to your clients about taking some notes and drinking coffee to get some good power and press live so that it covers the video but for now I want to take a look at the other side which is audio on demand so if you're walking around you might notice almost everyone has earphones on almost all the time and if you follow some of my advice here you might These little white plastic bits work really hard to get your message across and I have excellent advice here for you if you have a business that caters to you that knows a local or even an international audience then another audience that is especially great for local businesses out there, so if your If you're not tied to a site where you serve your customers, an excellent way to get your word out is through podcasts, so podcasts are growing more and more every year, so we're not even close to seeing their full potential yet, but although they still have a lot of growth Do more Americans listen to podcasts every week than NetFlix accounts like the one that surprised me when I heard these stats would be fair. It might be because everyone is stealing their mother's password on Netflix, but podcasts are still great and you have several ways you can take advantage of So you know the first method.

How to use social media for small  business How to market your business using social media for free in 2022

The overall approach is to start your own podcast and slowly start building an audience now as long as you can come up with an overarching theme for your show that overlaps nicely with what you pay for and don't mind taking the time to see results, this is probably the best long-term play, do you control The show you want, control what you advertise or promote in each episode and they'll get to know you more and more every week because besides video, having a podcast is my second favorite content marketing strategy right now, it lets you go much longer than video because people are doing things other in general

While listening, as a result, people may feel like they know you better than they know the video, but if starting your own podcast isn't something you can stick to that's okay, you can borrow from it and people have already known audiences by either going to another podcast as an expert guest or you can simply pay to sponsor An episode or series where you know Casper and Squarespace can't take care of every podcast even though they seem to do which leaves plenty of opportunity for you, so just do your research here and find some shows your ideal clients will likely listen to the hosts and then They connect with them and then either introduce yourself or introduce yourself as a guest or ask them what it takes to be a sponsor Just remember if you are promoting yourself as an expert to come on top with what you can bring to the show

And their audience is not only driving what is your goal to achieve, so I used to have The podcast I finished recently, but I was going to get a huge amount of presentations every day and most of it was just a very long bragging about a person's accomplishments and it was never actually they came to say what they were going to come up with and talk to my audience about it that would help them and I just ignored every single one of them, to be honest, So, do this value and you will get a much better response rate but what about the local business for you guys.

Marketing with Spotify ads

Totally fond of Spotify ads, the process is very easy first, all you want to do is just figure out a specific offer you want to advertise which is important and then write a 30-second ad text that clearly shows the offer the main benefit to you the offer and business appeal which in most cases will be clicking on Screen for the show on your website and now you have the option to record it yourself or at no extra cost to voice them over to the artists

They'll read the ad that they can add to the background music, and then you can decide where you're good at the geographic area that Advertising can be heard, so if you are a dentist in Sydney Australia you only select a Sydney area or even specific zip codes and then anyone listening to Spotify knows who Spotify within that area will be able to listen to your ad will be served to them now, that tends To work better with local businesses with a fairly broad appeal because the targeting options on Spotify are still pretty basic so now you can target you like we said, location, age, gender and the most important thing I don't think has been done enough yet to be Useful, but the coolest part of this is that you usually pay about 1 to 2 cents per listing which is just an incredible deal in the digital marketing world, but what if you have the kind of business that people are already looking for in your case, I highly recommend optimizing your website for traffic Google search and the way you do it has changed quite a bit over the past few years.

SEO is getting smarter so let's optimize for smart search So what SEO used to do is you only know your keywords as many times through the text on your website as you can and when Google was less smart it was That works because they kind of had to keep going but now they understand the general topics and they know what kind of content and what kind of words they should see on a quality website about it so let's just say you're a game console fixer, rather than just cram in the phrase.

Fix game console on your homepage 30 or 40 times Google expects that page to mention phrases like fix video games or PlayStation ps4, those kinds of phrases and keywords that might suggest you're covering your topic completely and completely and the other part to improve smart search for user signals because Guess what Google does to see how long people spend on your site how far they scroll down the page and if they end up leaving your site and then continue their search elsewhere All the signals users you know aka potential customers send to Google just by their natural actions and their reactions to your site’s content, so the best thing you can do for more customers to find it is to give your customers already the best possible experience right things like writing on your website for people Instead of letting search engines know the benefits of working with you and proactively answering their questions to bustle their objections in real-time, get all of these things right and get back to a topic we covered.

Adding early stuff like video can help you do all that while increasing the number of time people spend on your site and There are plenty of other smart things you can do on your website that will help you keep your visitors happy, encourage more of them to convert to paying customers, and send all those Direct positive mentions to google so they can reward you with more traffic so just share my article on your social media profile this article is free for everyone without any money I will show you all my website secrets that you can use Well in just a few days, you will not find these things anywhere else, so just click on my blog link and share it with your friends and I will send you all new about the world of digital marketing.

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