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Learn how to make money in Kwai and how to redeem it.

 Learn how to make money in Kwai and how to redeem it.

If you have ever seen an advertisement for Kwai, the short-video social network, informing you about the prospect of earning money using the program, know that it is genuine. That's because TikTok's competitor offers a rewards scheme for its users: for each accomplished task, the person earns Kwai Golds (the app's currency), which can be changed into actual money.

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Social media platforms are a dime a dozen these days. There’s an app for every interest and hobby under the sun, so it can be hard to know where to put your time and effort. But if you're looking for a way to make some easy money, Kwai might be just the answer.

Kwai is essentially short video clips with audio, usually accompanied by music or sound effects. What makes Kwai different from other social media apps like Facebook or Instagram.

In this article, we will discuss the best way to get money from Kwai. We will go through some easy ways that you can monetize your Kwai account and make money with it.

how to earn money from the kwai app

And, no, you don't have to be a social media influencer with hundreds (or even millions) of followers to do so. Simply complete easy chores like daily check-ins via the app, watching videos on Kwai, inviting new friends, and recording your own material, among other things.

 The app may sometimes advertise new campaigns that will allow you to win more prizes. From the 4th to the 10th, for example, Kwai may award up to R $2,400 to users who successfully promote the social network to new people.

  On my smartphone, I have the Kwai logo open.

Kwai has been awarding app users for doing simple chores. Shutterstock/Alison Nunes Calazans

In reality, this is part of the app's strategy for enticing new users while keeping current ones engaged. It was successful.

 Between May and July 2020, Kwai gained approximately 20 million users in Brazil, indicating how many tips the Chinese have already given to individuals who use the app.

 If you want to learn how to make money in the app, check out the tutorial below. Just don't expect to become a millionaire or make a lot of money in a short period of time. In addition to being over the age of 18, the process necessitates daily efforts and engagements from acquaintances and friends.


How to Make Money with the Kwai App

By downloading the app and subscribing to it,

First and foremost, you must establish an account. To do so, download and register on Kwai using the Olhar Digital guide.

 Kwai will reward you for this on your first login by crediting your account with R $1. To access the financial center and examine your balance, just touch your avatar symbol or picture and then click on the currency icon at the top of the screen.

 Kwai's official website

If you used someone else's invitation, when you attach the code, an additional Rs 1 will be added to your balance.

 Check-in every day.

Another option to earn money with the app is to check in on a daily basis. Completing the assignment earns you Kwai Golds.

 In addition, the user will be able to access "prize boxes" on particular check-ins. With any luck, the person will be able to gain up to 30,000 app coins in each chest. A new cycle begins after the seventh successive check-in.

 carrying out daily check-ins

To carry out the activity, go to the Financial Center and choose the check-in option.

 Inviting family and friends

Without taking into account the tips given to the app's top content creators, this is perhaps the most effective approach for the user to make more money using Kwai.

 There is an invitation code in your financial center that will be provided to new users. By selecting "Invite," you may distribute the link through WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, and other social networks.

 Invite your friends to join Kwai.

Kwai may pay you between R $3 and R $9 for each new user that installs the app and connects your code. If third parties continue to use the app for three, six, or ten consecutive days, the app will provide you with a new bonus (one for each period).

 Distribute prizes

The more people you invite, the more appealing the tips become — for example, during the current campaign, you could earn up to R $534 if your 15th friend completes all tasks.

 Sharing is rewarded, Kwai to his pals.

Viewing videos

Yes, you can make money by selling Kwai stuff. However, the sums will be tiny – roughly 50 Kwai Golds for every spin. To do so, go to your financial center and look for the resource.

 Naturally, accumulating sums in the same video will be impossible. There is a "clock" that keeps track of the time; with each lap, a fresh tip is provided. If the timer is set to pause, just navigate through the stream to see fresh material.


Making money by viewing Kwai content

Making video recordings

Of course, there is the prospect of earning money by creating materials for Kwai. In the case of influencers, the software examines the number of followers on the profile to determine the reach of the material created. Those with more than 100,000 followers, for example, may get about 4 thousand reais each month.

 And, of course, there is the possibility of earning money by creating content for the Kwai. In the case of influencers, the app analyzes how many followers the profile has in order to determine the reach of the content they produce. Whoever has more than 100 million followers, for example, may get almost R$4 million each month.

 However, even if you are not a well-known online personality, you may earn money via certain activities. Kwai has the habit of creating actions for videos with a certain filter or theme from time to time.

It might be a great opportunity to do tasks and earn a little more money.

 More info:

 How can you get money from Kwai?

The transfer is straightforward and may be accomplished by PIX, bank transfers, or electronic card transactions.

 However, it is worth noting that resonates are limited to saques of R 0,5 (only on the first saque), R 1, 5, R 10, and R 20. It is also possible to do just one saque every day. It is possible to do daily saques of R$500 in the case of influencers with high indicator numbers.

 To convert Kwai Golds to reais, the procedure must begin with 100 Kwai Golds, which are equivalent to R $0.01.

 To complete both processes, just enter the Central Financeira and click on "Sacar," which is located to the left of "Minha Conta." After that, decide whether you want to withdraw the cash or convert the Kwai Golds to reais.

 Taking use of the available saldos in Kwai

Depending on your carrier, you may also use the saldo to recharge your phone.

 Robbery in Saldo as a result of cell phone recharging

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 Of course, there is the prospect of earning money by creating materials for Kwai. In the case of influencers, the software examines the number of followers on the profile to determine the reach of the material created. Those with more than 100,000 followers, for example, may get about 4 thousand reais each month.

 However, even if you are not an online star, you may earn tips for specialized activities. Kwai will sometimes generate actions for videos that use a certain filter or have a specific theme.

 It might be a terrific chance to do errands and earn a few extra dollars.

 More information

 How can I get my money out of Kwai?

Redemption is straightforward and may be accomplished using PIX, bank transfers, or e-wallet transactions.

 However, redemptions are restricted to withdrawals of BRL 0.5 (on the first withdrawal only), BRL 1.5, BRL 5, BRL 10, and BRL 20. Furthermore, only one withdrawal is permitted each day. In the event of influencers with a large number of referrals, daily withdrawals of BRL 500 are allowed.

 The procedure of converting Kwai Golds into reais can only be done using 100 Kwai Golds, which is equal to BRL 0.01.

 Simply open the Financial Center and touch on "Withdraw" next to "My Account" to complete both steps. After that, decide whether you want to withdraw the balance or convert Kwai Golds into real money.

 Redeeming Kwai balances that are available

Depending on your operator, you may still be able to utilize the balance for mobile top-ups.

 Balance exchange for cell phone recharge

Conclusion: Kwai is a fun app that lets you and your friends express yourselves with short, 15-second videos. There are millions of songs to choose from in the app, so you can make a video to match any mood you’re in. You can also use filters to make yourself look like an animal or change the color of your eyes. With such a big audience on this social media platform, it’s easy to see why people are excited about making money on Kwai 

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