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The result of the third preparatory class, first term 2022

The result of the first preparatory certificate 2022 for all governorates

Students of the Republic's preparatory certificate are expecting the publication of the results of the first semester examinations, which conclude on February 3, while the Ministry of Education affirmed that the results are published at the level of each directorate and authorized by the relevant governor.

The result of the third preparatory class, first term 2022

While several directorates announced that the educational administrations had completed the correction work and monitored the grades, noting that the results were reviewed and compiled by the departments and sent to the Directorate for approval, they also stated that the high end of the first semester grades was 140 degrees and the second term was 140 degrees. The grades from the two semesters are combined together to establish the student's standing. And now for the last set.

According to the directors, the results of the first semester in schools will be made accessible to pupils.

The link for the result of the Al-Azhar preparatory certificate. It has now appeared

Result of the first semester of the primary and preparatory certificates of Al-Azhar 2021-2022

Officially here .. Link as a result of the preparatory certificate 2022 half year by name and the number of sitting all governorates.

The result of the third preparatory class, first term 2022, with the national number, the students of the third preparatory class live in great anticipation after completing the exams for the first term 2022 in all Egyptian governorates on the third of February, and the Ministry of Education and Technical Education announced the end of the first term exams 2022 on the third of February. In school attendance, we affirm that the results of students will appear on the Directorate of Education's website in each Egyptian governorate independently, therefore we post a link to the results of the preparation certificate 2022 first semester with the name and seat number in all governorates.

The first link to get the result

The second link to get the result

Third link to get the result

Fourth link to get the result

Fifth link to get the result

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