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How do you keep the business growing? 6 SEO and Content Marketing Tips for Professional Services

How do you keep the business growing? 6 SEO and Content Marketing Tips for Professional Services

How do you keep the business growing? 6 SEO and Content Marketing Tips for Professional Services

In the age of internet popularity, most consumers are accustomed to using search engines to find, compare and choose more suitable products and services. Therefore, no matter how big or small, companies must use SEO (search engine optimization) and content marketing to expand their business in the online world. In particular, professional service companies that mainly provide professional services, such as legal consultants, accountants, human resource consulting companies, interior design companies, construction companies, etc., should start SEO and content marketing as soon as possible, so that the company can become a " client" in the industry. Visual experts", so as to get a continuous source of customers and make the business grow steadily.

Why do professional services companies need SEO and content marketing?

In the past, public professional services companies used traditional marketing to promote their companies, such as placing ads online or placing ads in newspapers. Traditional marketing focuses on increasing brand awareness and sales in a short period of time, and once advertising stops, the company's exposure will decrease. If you want to keep developing new customer sources, you can only keep spending on ads in an infinite loop.

Unless a company doesn't mind paying huge advertising spend, everyone will consider no bidding and low-cost marketing. Search engine optimization and content marketing are two less expensive marketing methods than traditional marketing methods.

Taking content marketing as the cornerstone of a company's marketing strategy and formulating a marketing strategy plan, and constantly producing informative content to attract your audience to read and share, can not only increase backlinks to a company's website but also have the opportunity to increase the company's website. View, then get more organic visits to the site. Moreover, improving the content, structure, and backlinks of a company's web pages through SEO can help improve the ranking of a company's web pages in search results, allowing more people to see the high-quality content the company produces, and ultimately attracting more - Quality organic traffic and increased conversion rates to keep your customers flowing.

Become a 'Visual Expert'

According to research by Hinge Marketing, a branding, and marketing firm for the professional services industry, the most important thing for a consulting firm to achieve sustainable business growth is to make the company a "visual expert" in the industry. Simply put, it is to showcase your company's products and services and make your company a renowned expert in the industry.

Whether you are a legal consultant, accounting firm, HR consulting firm, interior design firm, construction firm, or any other professional services firm, you must become a “visual expert” so that clients can come to you automatically.

Continuous business growth through search engine optimization and content marketing

But you may ask: What does it take to become a "visual expert"? At this time you rely on search engine optimization and content marketing.

SEO and content marketing complement each other and cannot be separated from each other.

For companies that provide professional services, content marketing makes the audience more focused on your products and services, more effectively builds the company's brand and credibility, and the audience is more inclined to choose your services when choosing. However, to produce high-quality content, the audience must see it in order to maximize the impact of that content.

The cornerstone of SEO is “content is king”. The company's website should rely on high-quality content, in order to maximize the impact of the content through a series of SEO strategies, including improving click-through rate (CTR) and increasing site feedback for link (backlinks), increasing average Visitor stay time (average session duration) and bounce rate reduction (bounce rate), these functions are important indicators for improving a company's web page in search results.

How can search engine optimization be?

[1] Improve website security

Google announced the inclusion of HTTPS as a ranking factor as early as 2014, and in 2018 identified HTTP sites as "unsafe". So, remember to install SSL certificates for your HTTP website, then update HTTP to HTTPS.

【2】 page speed

Google announced in 2018 that Mobile Pages would be an important ranking factor, and since 2019, it has adopted the practice of Mobile-First Indexing, meaning that a Google search engine will use the mobile version's web pages as the primary consideration for indexing and ranking. Therefore, improving mobile page loading speed is also an important part of search engine optimization (SEO) processes. You can remove unused JavaScript and CSS, etc., and compress image size to improve page loading speed.

[3] URL structure

A good URL structure should be concise and clear and allow the audience and search engines to understand the general content of the page through the URL. In addition to the static domain name part of the URL structure, the URL suffix (Slug) part is where you can spend more time. Here are 4 suggestions:

Highlight the point of the page with descriptive text

Use (-) to select text

Avoid using special characters such as (,) / (?) / (#)

Add keywords


【4】 Pay attention to Meta Title and Meta Description

It can be said that Meta Title and Meta Description are class interfaces The company's web profile, because when a user searches, Meta Title and Meta Description are the information displayed on the search results page, which summarizes the main content of the web page and affects the user's CTR. So it is important to prepare headlines and copy that will attract clicks.

【5】 Page Content

Content is king. When creating content, it is best to treat the audience as a blank sheet of paper, and express the content in the most simple and understandable words, so that all audiences can absorb and understand.

When writing an article, you can also pay attention to whether the article structure is easy to read. You can express it in the form of titles, lists, etc. so that the audience and search engines can more easily understand the content of your web page.

[6] Image optimization

I think many people will add eye-catching images to web pages, but you may forget to add alt text to the images behind them. In this way, you can inform search engines what each image means. And to maintain webpage speed, it is best to compress images within 100KB.

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Should I do SEO and content marketing on my own?

After reading the article, I believe that everyone understands why the professional services industry needs to develop a marketing strategy using SEO and content marketing so that your business can achieve sustainable and stable growth. But with a basic understanding, can you start doing SEO and content marketing work on your own? It is clear that SEO is free to bring natural traffic to a company website. Why do some companies still choose to pay for SEO?

While SEO features "free" organic traffic with no advertising costs, SEO is a science. In the face of ever-changing SEO, the rules of search engines change at any time. If you cannot keep up with the latest news in the industry, or you cannot hire employees to be responsible for SEO, you should seek the help of a company that provides SEO services.

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