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Which is more effective, Facebook or Instagram? Create the best marketing strategy for your brand

Which is more effective, Facebook or Instagram? Create the best marketing strategy for your brand

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Social media has long become an important part of our lives, many people will get to know new products through brand posts, and promoting social media has long been the only way for every marketer. Because Facebook and Instagram are social media marketing giants, how can marketers use these platforms to promote their brands?

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 What is the difference between promoting these two platforms?
 Dismantle Facebook and Instagram's marketing strategies now, and use the different benefits of both platforms to create the most convenient brand marketing strategy!
The difference between Facebook and Instagram
Because user habits differ in the two platforms, marketers should also distinguish according to the content of the two sides, create a clear brand site, and grab the preferences of different target audiences.

Facebook's monthly active users reached 23.2 billion, while Instagram has more than 200 million monthly active users. Although digital Facebook alone is leading the way, Instagram has been the fastest growing social platform, with more than 1 billion users growing in three years, which is very promising! On the contrary, Facebook's growth has slowed gradually in recent years, with a growth of only 30% in three years.
The difference between Facebook and Instagram is that Facebook focuses on providing users with more useful and diverse content, and users can find details of their business by opening Facebook. The essence of Instagram is to "capture life moments," and the average User naturally opens Instagram for the purpose of sharing, not searching for media content. Therefore, they are very suitable for building brand image and popularity.

digital marketing strategy tutorial

Marketing strategies for Facebook and Instagram

Attract a lot of visits

As we all know, Facebook has a large number of users who can bring a lot of traffic to the brand, and the audience is relatively wide. Unlike Instagram posts, which can't come with a link, the link on a Facebook post can attract more traffic to your site and other related platforms.

Diverse content

Because Facebook's functionality is more diverse, many brands will use Facebook for market research, ads, ads, etc., and Facebook is used to post more useful and comprehensive content. Furthermore, publishing different forms of content can create a more comprehensive image and promotion of the brand. For example, if your brand strategy focuses on raising social issues, ideological inspiration, entrepreneurship, finance, etc., Facebook is well suited to promoting your brand.

Facebook's latest promotions and various discounts can also lead to a lot of online or offline conversions, attracting more customers.

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In addition to producing content, Facebook can also provide relatively complete customer service, such as automatic responses and detailed Facebook business information. These can increase consumer confidence in the brand and increase conversion rates.

Paid ads

Facebook's advertising model is very diverse, and the results are important compared to Instagram. Facebook ads averaged 3.06% per click in 2021, compared to 0.68% on Instagram. While many brands are investing more and more resources on Instagram to advertise, Facebook remains the best choice for paid ads. When it comes to ad management, Facebook is able to provide a more comprehensive set of goals and ad settings, allowing you to test the most appropriate admix. So if your brand has a broad audience and needs more accurate data, Facebook ads are naturally more relevant. Instagram is suitable for direct and simple ad promotion, and the ad setting is relatively simple and suitable for small brands.

While photo and video sharing rates are higher on Instagram, brands can also use Facebook to interact and connect with consumers. For example, if your brand is going to be live on Facebook or Instagram, you can use Facebook events to create events to inform followers and other potential customers and generate more exposure. If it's an offline event, you can also use the Facebook event to increase event sharing, requests, or queries.

Facebook marketing strategy

Facebook events

In addition, Facebook groups provide space for brands to build their own communities and bring people with shared interests to connect. Facebook groups allow brands to target customers even without paying for ads and develop the community by communicating with group members. At the same time, it can also enhance consumer interaction, add a human aspect to the brand, and bring more customers and loyal transfers. At the same time, brands can also collect real feedback from consumers through groups to improve products or services.

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Instagram marketing strategy


In terms of marketing strategies, Instagram is suitable for direct marketing, such as: interacting with customers, raising brand awareness, introducing new products/services, comparing shopping, and marketing KOL.

Discover new audiences

Because Instagram users are younger and 60% younger

From users discovering or looking for new products on IG, IG is perfectly suited to attract new customers or achieve growth in traffic!

Brands can use content and tones that resonate with young people when promoting Instagram to welcome users to interact with the brand and use #Hashtag and stories to make more people discover your brand.

From a marketing point of view, Instagram is a great interactive tool.

The data shows that Instagram interactions are more effective than Facebook interactions. Surveys found that brands have a 10-fold higher share rate on Instagram than Facebook, while Instagram photos have a 23% higher sharing rate than Facebook, and videos have a 38% higher share rate than photos.

In the case of Starbucks and Tanzai, both brands posted the same content on both Instagram and Facebook, and Instagram's share rate was much higher. The Starbucks video garnered 6,042 views, 298 likes, and 11 comments on Instagram. Conversely, the content posted on Facebook, although the same, has nearly three times fewer views than on Instagram!

Starbucks Instagram

Facebook Instagram

Although Instagram has a higher sharing rate than Facebook, brands shouldn't use Instagram just to promote. Since the essence of Instagram is photos and videos, the results will be naturally higher, and the brand's popularity will be better. Many brand campaigns, such as phototypes or videos, are well received from user-generated content (UGC) and lottery. If you want to encourage more people to participate, you can promote the campaign on Facebook to increase your exposure.

But if you want to post more useful or text-intensive content, Facebook may be more convenient.

KOL Marketing

Because of its large young audience, KOL has a huge influence on Instagram. Brands may want to use kols effect to attract more potential customers, find kols suitable for collaboration according to follower characteristics, and discover more potential customers who may be interested in the brand! KOL marketing generates more organic visits than paid ads, allowing users to interact with resonant content and people through real-time content (such as stories and live streaming) and better-quality content (photos and messages), making it easier for audiences to embrace the brand.

KOL's Instagram marketing has brought a lot of hits to many online stores in recent years, and its market value reached $138 in 2021! B2B may also try to find KOLs that match the brand image to find more potential customers!

Compatibility between mobile and web versions

I think everyone knows that most people use Instagram mainly on mobile phones and that 96% of active users use it through mobile phones. However, in fact, Instagram sites occupy the top ten websites in the world, so brands should consider the user experience on mobile phones when producing content.

In addition, Facebook and Instagram have Live, Stories, and Store features. If you run an online business, don't forget to make the most of these features to provide a smoother shopping experience and enhance marketing results!

The difference between Facebook and Instagram, whether both platforms operate or operate only one platform, is presented, so they must be promoted according to the characteristics of the platform to create the most appropriate brand strategy!

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