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YouTube Money Calculator - To See Just how much Money You Can Make

youtube earnings calculator

 This tool was built so that you can simply determine the expected revenue from a YouTube video or channel. It takes into account the number of times your video has been seen, the amount of interaction it has had, and a number of other parameters.

best youtube money calculator you must

How to Make Use of the Money Calculator on YouTube

Per Day

 Move the slider to determine your possible future profits press here.

 20,000 Views/Day

 Average Rate of Engagement

 Earnings Per Day (about)


 Earnings Projections for Each Month


 Earnings Forecast For the Entire Year



 Develop your channel on YouTube.

This calculates your potential profits before taking into account YouTube's portion. Despite the fact that YouTube has generally been very secretive about its portion of advertising money, it is now common knowledge that Google retains 45% of all advertising revenue generated by YouTube. You will thus earn 55 cents of every dollar that is paid to you by advertisements. If EVERYONE watched the ad on the YouTube creator's video and the advertiser paid the average $7.60 CPM, then the estimated earnings that the average YouTube creator could expect to receive from ads on a new video on their channel are 55 percent x $7.60, which equals $4.18 per 1,000 views. This is a rough estimate of how much money the average YouTuber could make from ads on a new video on their channel.

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best youtube money calculator you must

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Analytics for the YouTube Channel

camera video total

most recently released a video

subscribers The number of subscribers has increased.

rate average video engagements

likes reactions



estimated profits from each video

Extra information may be found in the whole report:

Age and gender of the audience

Insights on the population and the language

Content analytics tools

+ additional measurements

Develop your channel on YouTube.

The Money Calculator on Youtube

 Total number of subscribers in the database


 The total number of times a video has been viewed


 Complete with estimated amounts earned.


 Earnings Per Video on Average


 Develop your channel on YouTube.

There are four factors that influence your earning potential on YouTube.

1. CPM vs. CPC

2. The estimated gross earnings per thousand views

3. The estimated revenue generated by each subscriber

4. Estimated Variance Based on Video Engagement

You can also check out our real-time subscriber count for YouTube here.

 It took some time for internet marketing to fully take off, but nowadays it is of utmost significance to businesses and their brands. Companies invest significant amounts of money in advertising on the internet, notably on websites and services such as Google Adsense. Google keeps some of the money made by Adsense ads, but the rest goes to the website owners and bloggers who host the ads.

 According to Alexa, the website owned and operated by Google is the biggest website in the world. Since April 2016, YouTube has become the second biggest website overall. Therefore, it is probably not a surprise that Google places a significant emphasis on YouTube in terms of the money generated by AdSense. It is important to keep in mind that Google is YouTube's owner since this fact amplifies the significance of YouTube as an advertising platform. It's possible that this is the reason why Google has different restrictions for AdSense on YouTube compared to other video sites where AdSense is available.

 This article also discusses:

 These are the instructions to follow in order to start generating income from your videos.

You cannot just upload a video to YouTube and have any expectation that it will make you money. Even if the video were to become popular, this strategy would not be successful. Before YouTube will enable you to make money off of your videos, you will need to complete a few steps first.

 To make your YouTube account available for monetization, you must first check the box for that purpose in your YouTube account and then agree to the terms of the YouTube monetization agreement.

Establish a connection between your channel and an AdSense account. You may either sign up for AdSense for the first time or connect this YouTube channel to an existing account you already have.

You will only be able to monetize videos on YouTube that the website deems to be "advertiser-friendly." YouTube's video requirements and ad formats should be reviewed. This indicates that you are not allowed to charge for videos that include explicit content such as violence or nudity, and more specifically, you are in agreement that your films do not violate any copyright laws (you need to be particularly careful when using background music). You also have the ability to choose the kinds of advertisements that you wish to see (for example, display advertisements that surround your movie, overlay videos, video advertisements that can be skipped, and a variety of other sorts).

You may choose to set up a single video or numerous videos in a certain playlist to be monetized.

Once you have completed these procedures and been approved for monetization by YouTube, get to work generating and advertising videos. Before you can start making a decent income, you will need a large collection of well-marketed movies.

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 Utilizing our YouTube Money Calculator, you'll be able to get a better idea of how much money you may make on YouTube on a daily and monthly basis. The calculations take into account the total number of times your video has been engaged with along with a variety of other indicators. In order for this tool to function properly, your YouTube channel must have a minimum of one thousand subscribers. Your prospective revenues on YouTube are mostly determined by the following four factors: CPM vs. CPC Gross earnings based on an estimated thousand viewsEarnings projections for each individual subscriber

 The amount of time spent watching videos is used to estimate variation.

 Cash lady has compiled the individuals who, in their opinion, are now the highest earners on YouTube into a league that they call the YouTube League. These are ranked by the average amount of money made from each video. You may be surprised to see who their top earners are right now (many of them are very young, but they do not include the extremely successful Ryan's Toys): Nikita and Vlad$312,500 per video dude Perfect Nastya's salary is $301.3K.$258.5K The Odd One Out $168,000 $157.7K Lele Pons

 Liza Koshy '1333K

 You may generate money via a variety of different avenues on YouTube. Before you even consider attempting to monetize your channel, you will first need to concentrate on growing a sizeable and engaged audience, since this is a must for any monetization strategy. You may boost your revenue from YouTube in a number of ways, including the following: Include advertisements for your affiliate products in your videos. Participating in the YouTube Partner Program and generating revenue from advertisements Making money using crowdsourcing platforms

 Increasing revenue via the optimization of your YouTube channel

 There are a number of potential causes for the decline in your profits from YouTube, but most of them are related to the quality of the material that you upload to your channel. To begin with, YouTube will sometimes update its policies and guidelines. Verify that advertisements are still being shown in your movies and that you no longer have permission to do so. Second, you need to make sure that you are continuing to produce the kinds of material that your audience enjoys the most. Thirdly, it's possible that your material is just out of season at this time; for example, snowboarding videos in the summer.

 It's possible to make a lot of money on YouTube, but you'll need to put in a lot of effort if you want to be successful. Before you can become a member of the YouTube Partner Program, you will first need to meet the requirements of having at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 view hours over the course of the previous year. When you hit that threshold, you will be eligible to have advertisements appear on your videos. However, you may also make money in other ways, such as by selling items, receiving financing from fans, or working with businesses as an influencer or affiliate. These are all potential methods to make money.

 There are a few notable exceptions, but, in general, skipping advertisements will result in no financial benefit for the content creator. Conventionally, advertising on YouTube pays for each interaction separately (usually somebody watching an ad for at least 30 seconds). YouTube will not charge the advertiser for the view or pay the YouTuber if the viewer skips before the specified time. The YouTuber will get compensation if the user clicks on the advertisement. There are now non-skippable bumper commercials that last for six seconds and are priced on a CPM basis, which means that the cost is determined per thousand views. If a person looks at them for at least two seconds, they are considered to have been watched.

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